Henkel Aquence Adhesive XP 7010 200KG/440LB Drum

GFX SKU:01990147Brand:HENKELSupplier SKU:1545604
List Price:$6.44 / LBPackaging:440LB/DRUM U  
  • High-performance labeling adhesive for nonreturnable glass
  • containers needing hyper-condensation resistance or treated plastics.
  • Developed to replace Casein-based labeling adhesives on very cold
  • and wet bottles.
  • Excellent for Microbreweries.
  • Strong, full fiber tear.
  • Excellent machinability.
  • Clean machining with efficient and consistent mileage.
  • Passes brewery ice-proof tests.
  • Keep from freezing.
  • Storage life 6 months.