Semi-Auto Turntable Smart Series Stretch Wrapper

GFX SKU:44801062Brand:WULFTECSupplier SKU:SML-200
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Product Image for 44801062 Semi-Auto Turntable Smart Series Stretch Wrapper
  • 20" No-Thread powered pre-stretch carriage for safe easy loading
  • Pre-stretch ratio: 50% to 300%
  • Production rate: 40-50 loads per hour
  • Maximum Load Weight: 5,000 lbs
  • Maximum Load Size: 55"W x 55"L x 80"
  • Overall Dimensions: 66"W x 118"L x 87"H Weight: approx. 2,500 lbs
  • Electrical: Standard 120/1/60 15A (Other options available)
  • 65" diameter, 3/8" steel plate turntable
  • 0-12 RPM variable turntable speed control
  • Electronic soft start/stop with positive table alignment at end of cycle
  • Separate up and down carriage speeds
  • Separate top/bottom wrap selectors
  • Spiral up, spiral up down control
  • Reinforced wrap/manual rotation control
  • Automatic load height photo eye with on/off switch
  • Pause switch for top cover application
  • Manual carriage up/down switch