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Material Handling

This section contains storage and material handling equipment ranging from appliance and platform trucks to carts, hand pallet jacks, lift jacks, dockboards, dockplates, ladders, cabinets, racking and warehouse products.

Lift-Rite is among the lines we carry. Since 1977, Lift-Rite has earned a solid reputation as a quality supplier of material handling equipment by maintaining quality and value in their fully hydraulic, ergonomically designed pallet trucks. Lift-Rite pallet trucks are designed to meet the demands of a fast-paced material handling industry. They're simple, strong and smooth-handling. A host of options and accessories enable us to customize your truck's capabilities to meet your specific needs.

Material Handling Equipment

Hand Pallet Jacks and Lift Jacks

We carry pallet jacks, lift jacks and pallet stackers. We can also provide you with hand trucks, shelf carts, pickers, platform trucks and appliance trucks.

Our material handling section also includes ladders, dockboards and dockplates, chocks, wheels and casters, straps and tie-downs and conveyors.

Pallet Stackers Hand Truck Hand Cart Rolling Ladder Step Ladder Dock Plate Replacement Wheel Safety Platform

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Warehouse Storage Systems

Storage Cabinet

We can outfit your warehouse with everything you need, from pallet racking and E-Z-rect shelving systems to stackable bins and small parts cabinets.

Storage Cabinet Safety Cabinet Storage Case Parts Cabinet Shelf Cabinet Totes Bulk Box Plastic Tub

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