Mosca Strapping Systems

GF is proud to represent Mosca's excellent line of strapping systems and this year there are a number of exciting new Mosca technologies on display.

Mosca has a series of videos to promote their most recent product offerings. The first of these is for the Ultrasonic Strapping Machine SONIXS TRP-VA, running with Orange Crush. This video is not to be missed:

The following two videos are for a new machine, the ROMP-6 Evolution Walk-up Bundler:


You can find more videos and information at the two Mosca Youtube sites:

Mosca AG and Mosca EAM

You can find operating and technical details in the PDFs below. Talk to your GF sales rep or call us at 310-GFGF (4343) about choosing the right strapping solution for your needs.

Romp-6 Brochure

The ROMP-6 Evolution combines the best features of earlier models with Mosca’s newest technology to achieve superior performance. Continuing with the same efficient DC brushless direct drive technology, the refined ROMP-6 features the innovative new Standard-6 Sealer with significantly reduced parts count, sealed bearing construction, and a precision strap track. If you want an adaptable, high-speed machine with low service costs and exceptional reliability, the ROMP-6 Evolution is for you.

Romp-6 technical specifications.

Mosca Fusion Brochure

The ROM Fusion delivers Mosca innovation and quality in a performance and price package that is appropriate for mid-level strapping needs. The walk-up, operator cycled strapping system is built around Mosca’s breakthrough DC brushless direct drive technology and features a combination of convenience, low-cost and reliability. The ROM Fusion features much of the same technology found in higher priced Mosca models.

Fusion technical specifications.

MoscaTRP5 Brochure

Low-cost automation! The Mosca standard TRP-5 and TRP-5C operate at speeds of up to 42 cycles per minute yielding a maximum of 30 bundles per minute contingent on package characteristics, machine size and accessories. The new High Speed Models (TRP-5 and TRP-5C) are capable of up to 56 cycles per minute, yielding approximately 40 bundles per minute.

TRP5 technical specifications.

Romp-5 Brochure

The ROMP5 is an operator cycled strapping system built around Mosca’s DC brushless direct drive technology. Its combination of convenience, speed and reliability make it the superior solution for production driven users who want top performance from their production process.

Romp-5 technical specifications.