Custom Boxes

Box Dimensions

Corrugated boxes are defined by three inside dimensions: length, width and depth. The length and the width are the opening dimensions and the length is equal to or greater than the width. The depth is perpendicular to the box opening.

The ideal dimensions for a box will depend on:

  • The desired box quantity or weight
  • Strength - boxes closest to a cube shape are the strongest
  • Economy - the most efficient use of material is also a cube
  • Palletizing requirements

Measuring an Existing Box

Quick Method for a Set-Up Box

Box Measurements
  1. Measure the inside dimensions close to the corners, or
  2. Measure the flaps, length and width. The flaps, between the slots, will be close to the true inside length and width of the box.

The Correct Method

Correct Box Measurements
  1. Cut open a knocked-down box at the closure.
  2. With a pencil, mark the score centres as accurately as possible.
  3. Measure the score-to-score dimensions and write them on the panels. Measure the length and width of the sheet, and check that the sum of the panels adds up to the sheet size.
  4. Look up the allowances for the flute and box style; subtract these from the score to score measurements. This method will give you the correct inside dimesions.