Custom Boxes

Measuring Corrugated Strength

Inner Strength Diagram

Compression Strength: Today's liners and mediums are designed to maximize the vertical strength of your package, while minimizing the weight and cost of materials. ECT (edge crush test) is the standard of measurements.

Containment / Puncture Resistance: the traditional way of specifying box strength. Mullen (bursting test) is the standard. This usually entails higher-weight paper than ECT.

We will analyze your requirements to find the optimum paper combination you need.

Recommended Grades

Total Weight
Box & Contents
L + W + D
Bursting Test
20 40 125 23
35 50 150 28
50 60 175 29
65 75 200 32
80 85 250 40
95 95 275 44
80 85 200 42
100 95 275 48
120 105 350 51
B Flute

B Flute has good puncture resistance, a smooth printing surface and less bulk than C flute. Particularly good for smaller boxes and die cuts with locking features.

B Flute

C Flute is the cost-effective standard for most shipping containers. It has good cushioning and stacking strength.

B Flute

E Flute combines the smoothness of solid board with the cushioning of corrugated. It's especially good for premium retail packaging.

B Flute

B/C Doublewall is the most effective of the common boards in crush and puncture resistance. It is best with large sizes or heavy loads.