Custom Boxes


This is the most popular box style. Regular Slotted Containers will pack most products for the least cost and weight.

RSC major flaps meet in the middle. Extending the flaps can provide more protection or easier sealing, especially in a narrow box.


A topless version of the RSC, the Half Slotted Container may be closed with a matching lid, or a telescoping cap.


Telescoping Trays are easy to pack, and provide excellent corner protection. The telescoping feature can allow some variation in depth.


Like telescoping trays, Five Panel Wraps have good corner protection, but are made in one piece, reducing your inventory.


A good style for smaller flat items, the Cut Out Wrap is also often a good inner pack. Variations of this style can provide extra protection on ends and corners.


The 1-2-3 Bottom is easy to close and quite strong. It can be used with a wide variety of sizes.


The Roll End Tray has an unbroken bottom and multilayered ends. It uses material very efficiently.

The roll-end style forms the basis of many varieties of shipping and display boxes.


The Roll End Tray with Cover very versatile style. These boxes can be made with dust flaps, locking ears and other features.


The Self Partitioning Box is a slotted box saves the extra cost of separate partitions.


Bulk Bins can be made as simple pallet covers, or multi-wall shippers for half-ton loads.