Custom Boxes

Wrong Stack

Don't Do This

Interlocking patterns are often used because they are more stable for loose boxes than vertical columns. But the corners are not aligned; in fact, three or all four corners rest on the side panels of the box below. The result is a loss of 45% to 55% of the compression strength.

Right Stack

Use the Strength Built Into the Box

Always use a vertical column pattern when stacking strength is a concern. (Remember, your freight carrier will double-stack your pallets, even if you don't).

Falling Stack

Stacking strength is the greatest test of box performance for most box users. How the boxes are palletized in your plant will affect how much of that strength survives in storage and transit.

Two-thirds of the potential compression strength of a box is the four vertical corners. It stands to reason that all four corners should be fully supported. In a three stack, a 1/2" misalignment of the middle layer will result in a 29% loss of compression strength.

Stretch Wrap

Use Stretch Wrap

GF stretch wrap will keep your load square and stable.